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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  March 7, 2019 11:00pm-11:29pm PST

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. the cafe owner says the gunman got away with eight laptops. live coverage from amber lee. >> police say no arrests, the cafe owner says he's been in business a long time and there's been no trouble until today. >> police responded to around armed robbery in a the kitchen gunman came into the cafe. >> i heard the person yelling and i looked through the window to see what was going on and
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saw a man with a gun drawn. >> he ran out the back door and called 911. a short while later an employee came out and said the robber was gone. the thieves demanded laptops from customers. a home depot bag to 1 of ieve the consist hers and customers and told him to collect the laptops. >> there were 30 people in the cafe and eight laptops were stolen. the man who collected them was a customer that earlier and left without 're reviewing surveillance and interviewing witnesses. >> no one was hurt.
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still the robbery left neighbors shaken. >> i'm very surprised. this is a safer neighborhood. >> the suspect was wearing a beanie and bandana, black pants and orange safety vest. . >> somebody walks in with a gun i don't know what to do about that. >> the opener closed up shop early after the roopen early to hold a safety meeting with his employees. they are looking at the possible that a blue chevy truck may be involved. in santa rosa police are looking for the woman in this
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surveillance image. she's wanted for burglarizing a 89-year-old woman's home. she was last seen driving a newer silver four door toyota tacoma. >> are looking for a missing 16-year-old boy with special needs. he was seen in the lowes store on lonetry way. he often hides when he's in public. he was wearing a black sweat pants and tan work springs and mission boulevard. the pedestrian was struck and killed. i'm a man accused of peeping and prowling in the nude
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outside of homes in the evergreen neighborhood was taken into police custody. surveillance video helped make the arrest. the man is accused of three incidents. >> that's right. many residents are happy an arrest has been made. we checked court records. he committed several acts of indecent exposure. >> very clear picture. easy to identify him. we're happy for her, for our neighbor and >> residents on me in san jose knew it would be a matter of time before man. >> he walked up the steps,
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appears into a window and runs off. >> a lot of anxiety because someone has a lot of nerve to come right up to your house late at night. >> police arrested this man. this wasn't his first act of the accused on 30 indications between february 15 and march 5 of pooping and prowling. >> it's disturbing to have a naked guy. >> police took him into custody. it shows it's good to know your >> a quick search shows she he
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was a lecture. >> glad they caught him. >> police say he lives in mendocino, he has ties to the south bay, it's not clear why he targeted the homes he did. b i'm a female mountain lion in saratoga was captured and released. the sheriff department said the resident spotted the mountain lion and called authorities. the mountain lion was sedated, tagged and released to the fremont preserve. fema rejected reimbursement costs for dam. it has approved $333 million.
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fema does not consider some of the spillway construction eligible. the state will you submit more documentation. damage along the russian river, and the little league facility took a major hit. opening day is three weeks away. organizers are concerned about the field and the food. >> coaches and players reporting for sebastopol little league. >> there'that you can step in really mushy. >> only last week the ballpark was 10 feet under. heavy rain overwhelm wheel the watershed. when it receded debris was
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everywhere. even a telephone pole. >> the infield still a wet song. >> we'll get the season kicked off. it would have been nice if it wasn't 26 days before opening day. >> the biggest loss the snack shack. the league's main fundraiser. >> the food, refrigerator and freezer were saved. >> but this guy was turned on its face. >> the drink case and dispenser and the ice machine are ruined. >> the city repairs e taking time. >> we'll barbecue our stuff and set up tables and it will be
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like a picnic. >> parents are relieved to see the season proceed. little league needs $30,000 to bring the knack bar back to life. >> more than 60 years old the league is counting on community support. >> it's springtime, time to play baseball. >> the league serves more than 300 children and made $500 profit last year. a co-nation account has been opened at the redwood credit union. in berkeley a military veteran has a new battle. 77-year-old leonard powell is fighting to get his home back. this started four years ago when housing inspectors
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determined his home needed heating, and upgraded wiring. powell was called into court and a young assigned the home to a receiver. now powell sleeps on the floor in his son's basement. >> i want to be home with my books and my tv dinners. at home in my room. >> the receiver group said the repair costs a gofundme page and raised 75000 to help powell. he has a court date on monday but there's no guarantee he will be able to return to his home. on the site they spread measles. >> a measles outbreak in the
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bay area. health officials say it was spread on a plane. >> a special surprise from steph curry. the shows -- shoes he presented to a girl. dearest britain. we love you. maybe it's your big hearts. your sense of style. welcome to ba100. (ba100, you're clear for take-off). how you follow your own path. you've led revolutions... of all kinds. yet you won't shout about it. it's just not in your nature. instead, you'll quietly make history.
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cake. beds. poetry. trouble. love! hope! and rather a lot of tea. the best of britain, from the moment you step on board.
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. the 9-year-old girl from napa who asked steph curry why his shoe is not in girls sizes. after getting her letter he asarmor to create girl's shoes. today he presented here with the united we win shoe. a drawing inside the shoe liner showing girls playing basketball was designed by
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reilly. a measles outbreak made two adults and a child sick. the disease was spread on board an airplane. >> this latest measles outbreak started with a flight in early to mid-february. >> on the flight they spread measles to 2 passengers. >> it started with an adult with measles and two others contracted it including a san francisco man. the second person to get measles was a child who was hospitalized and since released. measles can be deadly and one of the most contagious diseases. >> i person can leave a room and one a person can walk in to taroom and get the
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measles. this latest bay area outbreak comes the same week the cdc issued an outbreak. seven people got measles six had not been vaccinated. >> we asked the health officer if any of the latest had been vaccinated. >> i know in most outbreaks the majority are not vaccinated. >> 90% of kindergartners have been vaccinated. >> the concern is that may be pockets of folks who are unvaccinated. they tend to go to the same school. >> the general public is at low risk because the flight was three weeks ago which is the
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incubation time frame for measles. >> outbreaks of measles in five states are linked to travelers from overseas. new york, texas, illinois, washington state and california. there are major measle outbreaks in brazil, indonesia, philippines and western europe. a city hall hearing in san francisco focus on efforts to shelter the homeless. during february's rain fewer than 100 extra shelter beds and mats were provided. it worked hard to identify sites that could help and increased staffing. demonstrators accused the city
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of paying lip service. the board of directors held a ceremony honoring two bus driver. the drivers played a crucial role in the arrest of a dangerous suspect. they took heroic actions and helped authorities track down david lore. he was wanted for allegedly tampering with food at a safeway. getting ready for a dry day tomorrow with a chance of a few sprinkles on saturday. maybe a half inch in the hills. a weak weather system. early spring system. the story over the weekend will be the mountains getting more snow. it will keep snowing up there.
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they've had quite a year and getting more. showers outside right now in the bay area. very light, tomorrow morning they should be mostly done. here's the thing, temperatures will be cooler, ground is wet, valley fog is on the menu, we'll see fog the next couple mornings, nine right now in oakland. that's chilly. nice out there. not that wet, a few sprinkles linger. 7:00 a.m., tomorrow morngoing. and there's tomorrow afternoon. there's friday. dry front to end. here comes saturday morning. watch out quick it moves. by noon it's gone. by 7:00 it's a distant memory.
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tomorrow afternoon it will be a lot like this afternoon. sunday looks like a nice day. lefe the mountains break out a little bit sunday night but the mountains keep going with the snow flurries, upper 50s toward gilroy. tomorrow is friday. hope you have a good weekend planned up. sunday is the best day. new at 11, if you wonder what hearst castle would look like at night. evening tours are running. the tour includes a visit to the private theater, billiard room and the neptune pool. >> if you rather stay closer to home there's plenty of activities. >> heading into the weekend.
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here's what's happening. in the east bay join the working women's day march and celebration on saturday. the event will commemorate the anniversary in honor of the first women strikers in 1908. >> in san francisco learn about sharks, surfing and the sea at the film festival. it will offer fodays of documentaries, shorts, narratives and. grab your bike for the world naked bike ride. the ride begins at the ferry building. in the north bay get tastes of the barrel tasting in northern sonoma county. sample wine from the barrel and
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splore the russian river valley. in sports sharks and warriors are home. coming up next in sports a season-ending shocker. what happens when sanford hosted the kalmen's too -- cal mens team. mens team. . >> this touching moment between a police officer and a student with special needs. school resource officer started singing to the student. when she was having a hard time. morrison used to be a teacher and a listen and see if you can identify the song. the news continues in two minutes.
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. i have a happy coanchor after the sharks bip. they are making hay heading town the stretch in the regular season. a lot of having playing at home. cute kid to check things out.
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getting it running against montreal. around the net for his 30th foal. thats ante niemi. 2-1 san jose. it hit as you see on the replay a montreal defender. credit thornton with the goal. 3-1 sharks in control. yones with the pass. 5-2 final. 10 goals in lasto games for the sharks. great news despite the graphic for the cal basketball program. the cal win won, and as for the men at stanford. this is shocking, not lou cam
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panely. but the fact that cal built up a 20-point lead in this one. in the first half. bradley and they led by 13. stanford down by 20, they come back. three of his own. but the cardinal four of 28 from distance. under a minute. van over. talk about a guy coming into his own. he had 24. the cal bears go into the tournament with a three wind streak. they were winless a few games ago that's not bad. >> giants and a'sin the cactus lead. that youngster doesn't have a
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care in the world. giants have eight singles tonight. you need more power. joe panik tying things. mark milan son not having a great spring. taken deep the other way and the a's had control of this from then on. that will leave the premises in scottion dale. there you go. time to check this out. charles barkley known to be a warrior disliker made a bold prediction make it into the nba finals. >> put it trail blazers going times. >> did he say what i think he
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